LeMezuré was started by Louis LeMesurier as an outreach to help people pronounce his name. Just kidding. Actually, only partly kidding.

This musical entity was created to house the art of Louis LeMesurier. A student of music from three years old, Louis joined the Deveny School of Music at four years old and began composing around eight years of age. Trained to value music of the highest caliber, Louis has been perfecting his craft in relative obscurity for decades. LeMezuré would arrive only when he was ready. And LeMezuré has arrived.

So. Who are we? So far, we are just one dude (see above). It’s just fun to type “we” all the time. Plus, when we grow and expand, it will save a bunch of editing. Clearly, this is a highly-efficient enterprise.

We invite you to reach out on Twitter and IG if you are interested in what we do.
This page contains free and old recordings. For current projects, please check out phInix.

My setting of the famous Latin hymn, Stabat mater dolorosa, was my first large-ensemble work that I got to hear out loud. I was in the choir (USC’s Concert Choir under Cristian Grases) singing tenor during this recording — but I was so nervous and excited, I don’t remember if I sang a single syllable. The work is scored for full sections of violins, viola, and cello, but this chamber setting gives it a different intimacy. Recorded spring 2014 at Parish of St. Matthews in the Pacific Palisades.

The world premiere of the first movement of my Second Piano Concerto in F Minor. Rachmaninov’s Second Piano Concerto had been the last piece I studied under Edwin Deveny before his death in 2010. He didn’t live to see me play it with Chadwick School’s orchestra. Since that experience, I wanted to write a piano concerto that would have made him proud. Recorded spring 2014 with USC’s Concerto Chamber Orchestra under conductor Ryan Tani. Myself as soloist.