"Anyway", ca. 2017

 This song benefitted from a short bed-to-piano distance, and merges Green Day with Taylor Swift for some sensitive yet screamable vibes. I had just leased a new Chevy Bolt, which could play my sky blue, 2007 iPod Nano that I'd loved in high school. This happy high-school nostalgia resurfaced some Green Day tunes; combined with a renewed appreciation for Taylor Swift's "All Too Well", the stage was set for a new song. I woke up one morning and the hook was in my head: "anyway". A single word with the power to move us through plot points à la Taylor, while simultaneously expressing the laid-back punk of my favorite Green Day hits. 

Once I'd settled on a key for my hook, the chorus came next:

And I can't fight it

I'm so indecisive

But call on me anyway,

And I will do what I can,

Maybe you're gonna stay

All the way, if there is an end,



To set the record straight, I was also channeling some "Welcome To The Black Parade" energy for the chorus. 

Satisfied that I'd re-imagined the word "anyway" as both a middle and end of a high-powered chorus, I was stoked to use that same single word to kick off a verse, thus achieving a smooth transition. I backtracked and wrote the first verse:


Look at me,

I've gotta be crazy...

But maybe so are you

Look at you,

Covered in daisies. 


This verse was written very emotionally. I had a specific blend of feelings from my trip down memory lane. If I hadn't written those words in that exact moment, and the feeling had passed, I may never have written them. 

And then I tracked a quick iPhone take, which is still my favorite take of that verse, and didn't get around to verse 2 or the bridge for another two years.

But anyway....

"Anyway", ca. 2017