"Infinity", 16 December 2015

There I was, minding my own business, an employee of Study Hut Consulting, when in walks a student with a concrete poem assignment.

He had no idea that a concrete poem is a type of poem that uses the spacial arrangement of its words to support its meaning. So I whipped this puppy up as an example for him.

I talked him through my process as I brainstormed a simple, recognizable symbol, then matched it with an appropriate idea. I enjoyed the infinity symbol (the emblem of patience for we Math tutors), and paired it with the idea of eye contact being infinite. You look into another's eyes, which look back at you; a back-and-forth without end.

Due to the shape of the symbol, I knew the word in the middle would have to serve two roles, grammatically. "That" was an obvious candidate. I used "window to the soul" to conjure eyes, per the famous quotation, and we were all done!

This became the first poem in, and the inspiration for, the Infinity Anthology. 

"Infinity", 16 December 2015