sidestage (presale)

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In the world of Irish dance, music has rarely taken center stage. It's an art best enjoyed over a pint, but even the most progressive countries in the world lack arena-sized pubs. 

(Note to self: arena-sized pubs.)

All this to say, traditional (trad) Irish music has never concerned itself with churning out superstars. And yet, inseparable from the global industry of Irish dance competitions, this musical heritage has been dragged into the 21st century. 

  • Production values increased.
  • Harmonies evolved.
  • Non-traditional instruments now play on trad albums. 


It makes you wonder what those in Ireland must wonder:

As Irish dance spreads to Russia, to Mexico, and beyond, what will become of its music? 

Sidestage celebrates what defines Irish music, while protecting the listener from the harmful effects of accordion playing. This album of original tunes—reels, slipjigs, hornpipes, and more—celebrates the music behind the dancing, and it contains no gluten and no accordion. 

Let's kick off our shoes and listen. 

Please support this presale, and with each contribution, I'll plant an accordion deep, deep into the ground*. All contributors will receive downloads of the album, as well as links to streaming services, once the album has met its funding goal.

*okay maybe not.